Mark Dustrude

Vice President, Laser Processing – BIOMERICS ADVANCED CATHETER

Mark brings more than 20 years’ experience to Biomerics having worked exclusively in the medical device industry since January of 1995 while starting his own company, OEUVRE Technology. The business started out as an idea for solving customer problems. With support from private investments, Mark was able to purchase one laser and rent 400 sq. ft. of space to get started. Over the next 7 years, Mark continued to support the company with additional investments in new equipment and employees, while at the same time physically moving the company 3 times to accommodate significant expansion and growth. In 2002, Mark sold the business to LSA Laser. He stayed with LSA and continued to increase the company’s value working with R & D and solving customer problems. Mark was a key contributor to LSA’s growth in new technologies, bringing in several new customers.

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