Aden Hirtle

Marketing & Communications Manager – Biomerics, LLC Aden Hirtle is the Marketing & Communications Manager for the Biomerics family of… Read More

Stephen Coster

FP&A Manager | Controller – Biomerics, LLC Stephen joined Biomerics in 2017 and the controller working closely with the Chief… Read More

Brenda Burbank

Executive Assistant to Travis Sessions, CEO – Biomerics, LLC Brenda Burbank is the Executive Assistant to Travis Sessions, CEO. She… Read More

Jeff Fredrich

Vice President of Operations – Biomerics Advanced Catheter Jeff is the VP of Operations, with over 25 years of experience… Read More

Michael Walther

Michael Walther – Director of Global Supply Chain & Technology – Biomerics, LLC Michael is Director of Global Supply Chain… Read More

Tariq Abalis

Tariq Abalis – Commercial Director of Materials – Biomerics, LLC Tariq Abalis is Commercial Director of Materials at Biomerics LLC…. Read More

Alexander Navarro

Alexander Navarro – Engineering Lead – Biomerics Costa Rica Alexander Navarro is the Engineering Lead at Biomerics Costa Rica. Alexander… Read More

Laura Gomez

Laura Gomez – Finance Manager – Biomerics Costa Rica Laura is the Finance Manager of Biomerics Costa Rica. She is… Read More

Paulo Hernandez

Paulo Hernandez – Supply Chain Manager – Biomerics Costa Rica Paulo recently joined Biomerics team in Costa Rica as the… Read More

Alfredo Gonzalez

Alfredo Gonzalez – Production Manager – Biomerics Costa Rica Alfredo is the Production Manager for Biomerics Costa Rica and has… Read More

Sofia Granados

Sofia Granados – QA Manager – Biomerics Costa Rica Sofia Granados is the Quality Manager for Biomerics Costa Rica. She… Read More

Joe Semonoff

Sales Manager – Biomerics, LLC Joe Semanoff is Sales Manager for Biomerics, LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah. Joe covers projects… Read More

Chris Richardson

Vice President of Sales & Marketing – Biomerics, LLC BIO COMING SOON!

Brad Knight

Brad Knight – Vice President of Engineering – Biomerics Advanced Catheter BIO COMING SOON!

John Sterrett

Outside Sales Manager – Biomerics FMI John Sterrett is the Outside Sales Manager for the Biomerics FMI division. John brings… Read More

Travis Brower

Director of IT/IS – Biomerics, LLC BIO COMING SOON!

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