With our recent move to the new Headquarters building, here in Salt Lake City, we wanted to take a couple of minutes to reflect on some of the additional updates we made to our internal processes. We believe these new updates, will keep us competitive in the market, and improve our customer offerings and overall capabilities. As part of the reconstruction project of the new building, part of the plan was to build out space for a new large tonnage injection molding press. This new machine would join the ranks among our company-wide fleet of 36 molding machines in both our ISO 13485:2016 Cleanroom (Class 8; 100,000 certified) and Enclosure molding areas.

With the new press on its way to the new building, we had to make some special arrangements to accommodate the weight of the 940-ton press, including special re-enforcements, complex rebar configurations, enhanced concrete, and specialized testing that would determine if the new flooring would handle the load. With the machine coming from overseas, we had enough time to prepare for its arrival.

With everything in place, our new TOYO Si-6 Series, electric 940-ton machine enhances our molding capabilities. It comes with a variety of upgrades including, improved process controls, a space-efficient design, and is environmentally-friendly in power consumption. The new 940 press also continues to provide functionality in terms of large molds, shot sizes of 8.22 lbs, adequate tie bar clearances, and a dual toggling clamping system.

Craig McCaffrey, President of our Salt Lake division, explained, “This new molding machine will continue to add value to our current injection molding services, and will offer our customers enhanced capabilities to mold large complex components.”

If you have a project that involves injection molding, we’d love to hear about it and see how we can help. Please contact our team at sales@biomerics.com for more information, or use our Contact Us webpage.

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