The Biomerics Advanced Laser division recently moved into their brand new 4,000 sq. ft manufacturing and R&D space at the beginning of July. Many individuals that supported us during our recent Open House and Ribbon Cutting ceremony, were some of the first to walk through the new facility to see and hear more about what our new division was capable of achieving. In addition to opening our new space, we’ve also hired a number of excellent engineers (with a combined 30 years of experience) who have the knowledge and skills in working with a variety laser manufacturing processes.

The new 4,000 sq. ft space now houses a number of new pieces of equipment used for Nd:YAG laser welding, CO2 cutting and ablation tools, UV and infrared laser marking and four axis tube cutting capabilities. These new capabilities, in combination with our key services, give us the ability to work with a variety of materials and processes as listed below.

  • Four Axis Fiber Tube cutting – Stainless Steel, Nitinol
  • CO2 Laser Ablation – Many Catheter Materials
  • UV / CO2 Laser Marking and Cutting – Component, Traceability, Position
  • Nd:YAG Welding – Stainless Steel, Platinum

These lasers, combined with expert knowledge in laser fabrication of flat stock, metal tubes, plastic tubes, electrodes, bands, wire assemblies and cannula assemblies enable us to offer a full range of capabilities that allow for end-to-end solutions to be developed for a variety of precision medical devices markets. We also offer a full line of secondary processes including cleaning, passivation, heat setting and electropolishing to support the overall manufacturing process. As we progress and grow, Biomerics Advanced Laser will continue to add more equipment. Before the end of 2017, it is expected to integrate a Fiber Laser for welding and a Femtosecond laser for tubes and flat materials.

Mark Dustrude, President of the Advanced Laser Division, said “the difference that our Laser division offers is the high caliber of in-house engineers that we have on our team. They go out of their way to support our clients with specific component design, complete catheter assembly, and laser processing needs. We are excited about our new facility and look forward to sharing our capabilities with all interested parties.” A number of projects are underway to service our current customers, and future customers are invited to reach out to discuss their current laser manufacturing needs. If you are interested in speaking to Mark about our Advanced Laser division and additional capabilities, his contact information is listed below.

Mark Dustrude
President, Biomerics Advanced Laser
10351 Xylon Ave. N., Suite 100
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445


If you have any questions or inquiries about our laser capabilities, give Mark a call.

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