Are you looking to develop a Large Bore Sheath? With larger diameter access it may be challenging to find the right Medical Device Manufacturer (MDM) that can provide the experience, flexibility, and trust you need to create the right product. With minimally invasive therapies expanding worldwide, large OEM’s are competing to acquire the best available cardiovascular valve repair systems and devices to serve the expanding structural heart market. Many of these valve replacement implants require innovative catheter delivery systems that are not in the typical size range that contract manufacturers have established. Typically, Transapical sheaths range between 24 French to 36 French while Transfemoral devices range from 8F to 24F.

Demand for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement procedures (TAVR) and Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement (TMVR) implants are increasing rapidly. That’s why, Biomerics Advanced Catheter and Advanced Extrusion have answered the call with specific extrusion and catheter technologies that are designed to make large diameter PTFE lined, braided shafts with increased hoop strength, varying stiffness, pushability, and flexibility. Important requirements needed to deploy some of the world’s leading replacement valves. Valve diameters can run anywhere between 0.025” to 0.570” with minimal wall thickness including the braid wire.

“Our experienced engineering staff and custom equipment allow us to better support our customers and help them get their products to market more efficiently,” remarked Steve Berhow, President of Biomerics Advanced Catheter in Minnesota. “Biomerics Large Bore Sheath manufacturing capabilities help us deliver solutions to customers that are needed in the industry. While still a market leader in the Microcatheter segment, the large bore sheath capabilities demonstrate our ability to adapt and provide unique manufacturing systems that are repeatable with precision and accuracy” said Steve. It’s not just Valve Therapy devices needing large diameters there are many new and exciting technologies coming to light around other therapies including Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD), Extracorporeal Support & Endoscopy

Biomerics Advanced Catheter facility has a new state of the art 70,000 square feet facility with the personnel and equipment dedicated to manufacturing and Research & Development. The large bore sheaths typically have a Pebax outer material that will vary in durometer to provide the appropriate flexibility. We make PTFE Lined fixed sheath and steerable sheaths in sizes ranging from 1.9 French to 36 French.

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