A little over a week ago, Biomerics received confirmation that we placed 9th in a TOP 10 list of top Global Medical Plastics Extrusion companies based on a research study conducted by Spire Market Research based in Dallas, TX. The Medical Plastics Extrusion report gives information on the top company profiles, market share, contact details, and manufacturing cost analysis along with value chain analysis of Medical Plastics Extrusion industry, Medical Plastics Extrusion industry rules and policies, circumstances driving the growth of the market and compulsion blocking the growth. Medical Plastics Extrusion Market development scope and various business strategies are also mentioned in this report.

“We are grateful for the recognition. It is a great compliment to our team’s efforts to be mentioned alongside other renowned OEM extrusion manufacturers in the today’s marketplace.  This recognition demonstrates the vision and commitment of the Biomerics team in driving our company forward as an extrusion solutions provider in the medical device industry”, said Larry Alpert, President of the Biomerics Advanced Extrusion division.

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With this recognition, we thought it would be important to provide some more information and provide our point of view as to what could be some of the Key Market Drivers behind medical plastic extrusion development and provide a bit more in-depth information as to what customers may be looking for as they source extrusion providers. We talked with Larry Alpert, President of Biomerics Advanced Extrusion, and asked him to address some of the circumstances driving market growth within the Medical Plastics Extrusion Market.  Here are 6 insights Larry shares with us.

Vertical Integration – Many customers prefer the idea of a fully-vertically integrated vendor, where customers receive the right combination of services, from developing raw material, including the polymerization stage all the way through to a finished device (and/or anywhere in between).  Anyone can install an extruder, however, it takes a lot more foresight and understanding to effectively integrate extrusion capabilities into a specific business model. This is where Biomerics excels and is building a company that offers all of the necessary services that cater to customer needs.

Industry Experience – Companies want to work with organizations that have a broad range of experiences within the industry.  Biomerics has a compliment of key in-house staff and personal that bring more than 50 years of collective experience in engineering, including appreciable time with a large device manufacturer.  This allows one to consider all aspects from the point of view of both the customer and the supplier.

Forming Partnerships – Customers prefer vendors that are willing to partner with them and become integrated with the processes and team projects teams at a level that suits their specific needs.  Our broad range of experience has taught us to ask the right questions to help solve difficult design problems to make a more manufactural design while still meeting the device requirements.

Image Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

>> Learn more about Biomerics’ Advanced Extrusion capabilities

In-House Facilities – Having 11 clean rooms to manufacture many of the products within our facilities is another huge plus to our capabilities. Our extrusion team works in one of these clean rooms enabling them team to provide the appropriate manufacturing space and pyrogen-free water systems to ensure there are not any biocompatibility/FM issues with a specific component or device.  While this type of manufacturing environment does drive up operating costs, it is a small price to pay for peace of mind for the customer.  Being an FDA registered site adds another level of confidence with our customers.

Full-Scale Production – As a fully vertical integrated company, many look to our unique capabilities in the areas of engineering and vertically integrated manufacturing facilities to provide a platform that helps entrepreneurs quickly advance their device concepts.  We enjoy working with these professionals and building relationships of mutual trust. This platform allows for enough flexibility to take an idea, even a napkin drawing, and turn it into a reality.  Sometimes customers just need someone that can rapid prototype or make changes right on the extrusion line. This is one of the highlights of working with an extrusion facility like the Biomerics Advanced Extrusion division.

Can Do Attitude – In many instances, it’s the extruder’s goal is to make a customer successful, and facilitate a partnership that supports and solves any unforeseen problems, and create viable solutions during that process. Having a can-do attitude helps to perpetuate that relationship and keep ideas, processes, and development in focus until the end of the project.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Technology – As technology continues to improve, the industry continues to drive vendors to design and be more innovative and unique in their abilities and find ways to use those technologies to solve problems, including real-time gauge and flaw, detect extrusions to automate what used to be manual and more laborious (expensive) processes.

About Biomerics Advanced Extrusion

We produce thermoplastic extrusions that meet the most precise specifications for demanding clinical applications within the cardiovascular, structural heart, cardiac rhythm management, electrophysiology, neurovascular, vascular access, and pain management markets. Through close collaboration with our customers, we can manufacture complex multi-lumen extrusions, co-extrusions, and bump tubing which is used in a wide range of advanced medical procedures.

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