Luers, Handles, and Hubs

At Biomerics, we design and manufacture custom luers, handles, and hubs for medical catheters. Our unique overmolding and tooling technologies enable us to quickly develop and commercialize new designs. We manufacture the following categories of luers, handles, and hubs:

  • Male & Female ISO Luers
  • Valved Luers
  • Needleless Access Luers
  • Spin-Lock Luers
  • Push-Pull Steering Handles
  • Torque Steering Handles
  • Manifold Handles
  • Custom Engineered Procedural Handles
  • Barb Connectors
  • Quick Connectors
  • Luer Caps
  • Tubing Pocket Fit Luers
  • Overmolded Luers
  • Transition Hubs
  • Y-Split Hubs
  • Tri-Lumen Hubs
  • Junction Hubs
  • Balloon Inflation Hubs
  • Custom Engineered Hubs

Through our extensive knowledge of injection molding, overmolding, and insert molding we support our customers’ and provide them with the confidence that when it comes time to connect their products to the corresponding procedural device the union of the two components will not fail.

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