Reinforced Sheaths

Reinforced shafts and sheaths are generally used in applications where torsion control and strength are critical. Our experience and expertise in braiding, coiling, and extrusion allow us to create pushable, lubricious, and kink resistant catheter shafts and sheaths that fit the specialized requirements of both customers and devices.

Biomerics manufactures sheaths for the following applications:

  • Stent Delivery Sheaths
  • Valve Delivery Sheaths
  • Guiding Catheter Sheaths
  • Valved Vascular Access Sheaths
  • Non-Valved Vascular Access Sheaths
  • Diagnostic Radiology Catheters
  • Electrophysiology Catheters

Our sheaths vary in materials, braid reinforcement, and design to meet a specification such as torsion control, burst strength, flexibility, radiopacity, kink resistance, lubricity, and chemical resistance. Our cross-functional team can engineer a sheath product to meet your demanding application needs.

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