Balloons and Balloon Catheters

Medical balloons are found across a wide range of devices and are typically used for placement, delivery, centering, stent placement, occlusion, angioplasty, and pressure monitoring. At Biomerics, we design and develop balloons and balloon catheters for the cardiovascular, GI, radiology, and urology markets.

We have the ability to manufacture medical balloons using blowing, casting, and RF welding. Our capabilities enable us to provide customers with non-compliant, semi-compliant, and compliant balloons in a wide range of material configurations. Through our vertically integrated structure and our expertise of polymers and extrusion, we can quickly and efficiently develop and test new balloons. We have the ability to custom design balloon properties based on materials, shape, and process, and we partner with customers to engineer the dimensional properties, compliance, chemical resistance, elasticity, surface finish, burst pressure, and tear strength of the final balloon.

Our balloon manufacturing process starts with the balloon’s base material, continues through production and assembly, and ends with device packaging. This allows us to support our customers from prototyping through full scale production and distribution. Using this approach provides our customers with additional confidence in the functionality of their finished device.

Biomerics manufactures the following balloon and balloon catheter products:

  • Aorta Occlusion Balloons
  • Stent Placement Catheters
  • Pressure Monitoring Catheters
  • Centering Catheters
  • GI Biofeedback Catheters
  • PTA & PTCA Catheters
  • Valve Deployment Catheters
  • Left Ventricle Anchoring Balloon Catheter
  • Atrial Defect Sizing Balloon Catheter
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