Balloon Catheters

Balloon catheters are used in a wide range of cardiovascular applications. With advancements in medical device technology, balloon catheters are being used to map, detect, monitor, and treat various conditions. Balloons are commonly used in the following cardiovascular catheters:

  • PTA
  • PTCA
  • Stent Placement
  • Occlusion Catheters
  • Sizing Catheters
  • Valve Placement Catheters
  • Thrombectomy

At Biomerics, we specialize in the design, development, production, and distribution of both balloons and balloon catheters. We can blow, dip, and coat compliant, semi-compliant, and non-compliant balloons in a variety of shapes and configurations. Through our advanced catheter division, we have the capability to partner with you to complete any balloon or balloon catheter project.

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