Pad Printing

Pad printing is used to print, mark, and brand uniquely shaped medical devices and components.

Our printing equipment operates to meet the most precise printing specifications of tubing, catheters, and medical molded components. Biomerics’ strict quality requirements ensure the permanent adhesion required in the medical device industry. Our printed impressions are tested to assure high adhesion and are impervious to sterilization methodologies such as Ethylene Oxide Sterilization, Gamma Radiation, and Autoclave.

Our printing capabilities include rotary continuous printing, inkjet printing, linear tube printing, plasma etching, and fixture ink printing. We have the capability to print multi-colors, radiopaque inks, conductive inks, high resolution inks, and biocompatible inks.

Common pad printing applications include:

  • Tube Marking
  • Hole Punching
  • Hub Printing
  • Rigid Plastic Printing
  • Marker Band Printing
  • Micro-Catheter Printing
  • Logo Applications

The Biomerics team will design the tooling and clichés, and will also validate the process parameters. We have a dedicated ink mixing room and we manage the ink preparation in-house.

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