Reflow refers to a catheter construction process whereby the inner and outer jacket materials are “reflowed” (i.e. melted) to build a composite catheter shaft. Braided reflow catheters add strength, kink resistance, steerability, and torsion control to medical device tubing.

A typical reflow catheter construction involves a lubricious inner liner (usually PTFE), braid reinforcement, and a polymer outer jacket. The materials are reflowed together on a mandrel using heat shrink tubing to build the desired catheter shaft properties. Biomerics offers reflow capabilities ranging from 0.75 French (Fr) to 32 Fr outside diameter shafts.

The following design parameters may be varied to develop the desired catheter shaft:

  • Liner Material
  • Braid Material
  • Braid Pattern
  • Braid or Coil Shape
  • Braid or Coil Density
  • Exterior Jacket Materials (Including Fillers)
  • Marker Bands
  • Shaft Taper
  • Tip Material & Shape
  • Drilled or Skived Holes
  • Bonding Tie Layers
  • Heat Shrink Jacket

Our reflow, laminating, and vertical shrinking solutions utilize superior uniform heat processing technology. We are capable of 6 length and speed transitions within a single reflow cycle, and we always ensure product centering within the heat zone. Our reflow process allows us to accommodate a wide range of product lengths.

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