The use of lasers in the medical device industry is becoming more commonplace as innovators strive to miniaturize devices and improve minimally invasive medical procedures. Our laser equipment is a great ally in this venture. Lasers are capable of cutting—with exacting precision—through everything from the toughest of metals to the simplest of plastics. Materials such as stainless steel, nickel, cobalt, chromium and MP35N, as well as a variety of polymers, polyurethanes and other medical grade materials, are easily assembled.

Our laser cutting capabilities include:

  • Femtosecond
  • Nd: Yag Laser
  • Multi-Axis
  • Multi-Control
  • Take-Up Reels
  • Fiber Laser

Our laser workstations are capable of cutting through almost any size range of material at almost any speed to improve the quality and effectiveness of your end product, and most projects can be customized to meet your desired specifications.

Using these manufacturing capabilities in tandem with our expert technicians, we offer real support for your designs, including

  • 3-D geometries and shapes fabricated to close tolerances.
  • Samll heat-affected zones, with minimal work hardening and metal distortion.
  • High repeatability, with consistent results for all quantities
  • Cost-effective measures
  • Fast Processing
  • Low cost hard tooling

We offer laser cutting services in flat, extruded tube and molded polymer parts. With our diversity of wavelengths, we can choose the proper tool for your individual material and geometry requirements.

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