Implants are manufactured devices used to support, enhance or replace existing biological structures. Biomerics can work with implants that are used for many applications including:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Orthopedic
  • Sensory
  • Neurological Procedures

Biomerics NLE is able to process a full range of implantable materials, including stainless steel, platinum, Nitinol, PEEK, platinum/iridium, polyurethane, and other precious metals. With our broad array of manufacturing capabilities, we are able to create the following implantable components:

  • Stents
  • Leads
  • Heart Valve Frames
  • Bio-Absorbable Components
  • Dental Components
  • Structural Heart Components
  • Orthopedic Components
  • Vascular Assist Components

Implant materials undergo an intense testing and manufacturing process. With each implant, we work according to your specifications to select the materials that match your needs. These materials are rigorously analyzed and tested to ensure safety and compatibility—and are backed up by our highly experienced Biomerics engineers. They’ll work with you to guide you through the process and make sure you get the exact end product that you need.

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