Ultrasonic Devices

At Biomerics IGI, we offer ultrasonic device development and manufacturing. Biomerics IGI specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of surgical handpieces. Each handpiece is designed in collaboration with the customer and is based on the system requirements. Typically, the design will include a high powered device used to fragment tissue or bone and aspirate the fragments through the handpiece. The handpieces use piezoelectric ceramic to provide energy to the tip of the device and the housings can be made out of metal or plastic, depending on customer cleaning and sterilization needs.

The Biomerics IGI-HR Air Bubble Detector provides reliable and accurate non-invasive sensing of bubbles within tubing used in medical fluid delivery systems. These detectors are capable of detecting small bubbles via high resolution technology, ensuring the bubble of interest is always detected. Our technology provides constant monitoring of the fluid signal and compensates for unit-to-unit variation, tubing inconsistencies, mechanical tolerances, pressurization, and temperature fluctuation, in order to eliminate nuisance alarms.

Our ultrasonic device specialties include:

  • Air Inline Detection
  • Handpieces
  • Boards
  • Drivers
  • Fluid Delivery Sub Assemblies
  • Disposable Medical Device Sets
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