Biomerics NLE invests in top-of-the-line equipment and machinery for our Laser division because we know how important it is to meet precise requirements for your products—and deliver them on time. Our laser machinery allows for multiple types of lasers to be used in a variety of processes necessary for the manufacture of your product. All of this new equipment can help us meet the machining, micro-machining, and laser processing demands for smaller and more complex surgical implants, orthotic devices and medical instruments.

Below is a brief outline of the types of lasers we have available for your next medical device project.

  • CNC Laser Workstations– The CNC (computer numerical control) laser is a custom, industrial laser system used for solving unique manufacturing material processing challenges. CNC Lasers are designed and built to customize laser material processing systems for marking, engraving, etching, cutting, drilling, welding, and stripping.
  • Fiber Lasers – Fiber laser technology is quickly becoming the preferred technology in laser manufacturing because it allows for greater innovation when manufacturing intricate and detailed projects.
  • Nd:YAG Laser – Nd:YAG lasers are known in the industry as solid-state lasers. These types of lasers are the most common types of laser, and are used for many different applications. At Biomerics, our Nd:YAG lasers are capable of manufacturing components that may require engraving, etching, or marking of a variety of metals, alloys or plastics. They can also make subsurface markings in transparent materials such elastopolymers, thermoplastics and some resins.
  • Femtosecond Lasers – As next-generation medical devices increase in complexity—with shrinking feature sizes, tolerances, novel geometries, surface texturing, and new bio-absorbable materials—femtosecond lasers have become the laser of choice. Femtosecond lasers are industrial-grade, reliable, and robust, and are capable of manufacturing devices according to higher quality standards—with minimal additional post-processing steps and with higher throughputs.
  • CO2 Lasers – A CO2 laser allows for precise, smooth and efficient cutting—making it a solid choice for many device applications. This advanced equipment, in combination with our expertise, allow us to consistently exceed customer demands in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Tooling – There’s always more than one way to manufacture a medical device—and usually more than one machine that can be utilized to create such a device. Biomerics has a wide-range of machines that can support product development and design. With our in-house engineers, we can build and design customized parts and integrate them into the final stages of development. This also supports the function of the laser equipment, enabling us to offer knowledge and experience in everything we do.

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