For many years, Biomerics has been a strong manufacturing facility providing important injection molding capabilities with in the medical device industry. Our history and experience go back to the early 90’s with experience in molding a variety of tools, devices and products. Over the years, we have continued to be a major competitor both in the local markets we work with, as well as nationally. With the continued growth we’ve experienced in recent years, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art facilities both in our Utah and Minnesota locations. These facilities enable the entire Biomerics family of companies to offer competitive injection molding solutions and products to the medical device industry. 

Our injection molding operations are performed in both non-cleanroom and ISO Class 8 (100,000) controlled environments. We have both vertical and horizontal cleanroom molding capabilities as well as robots and end-of-arm tooling capabilities to provide a fully automated process. We also utilize advanced hot runner systems (valve gate and open tip) to minimize scrap. With over 30 injection molding presses ranging from 20 tons to 950 tons, we are able to manufacture many unique and specialty item medical devices.

As we look forward to moving our Utah facilities to a new building, we’re excited to be able to update our existing fleet of injection molding machines. New machines will allow us to be more eco-efficient, by cutting power consumption and promoting more energy saving activities. Increase production speeds, advance outputs and efficiently utilize production floor space. 

To boost our capabilities as a leading injection molding provider, we’ve also invested in knowledgeable employees who specialize in molding technologies. We recently hired Brent Huber, as our new Molding Technology Manager. Brent brings more than 18 years of experience in medical molding operations, manufacturing, quality and validation planning. With Brent, and our highly experienced, cross-functional engineering teams, we are dedicated to new product development and transfer, and will partner with you during product design, tooling design, and process development.

As a vertically integrated contract manufacturing company, it is our vision to be a leader in the medical device space, and provide valuable resources to our clients by offering solid solutions in all types of projects. Our injection molding capabilities are a crucial part of our company and we look forward to strengthening our services in this critical area. 

For a comprehensive list of our injection molding capabilities, see below: 

  • Closed Loop Central Material Handling System
  • Robot Automation
  • Centralized Mold Chilling System
  • Vertical Insert
  • Overmolding
  • High Volume Cleanroom Molding
  • Low Volume Enclosure or Skins Molding
  • Mold Maintenance & Repair
  • In-Process SPC Monitoring
  • Structural Foam Molding
  • Hot Runner Systems
  • Scientific Injection Molding Development Process
  • Validated Processes Under 13485 QMS

To learn about our Molding Capabilities, or have general questions about Biomerics, feel free to contact us via email at or call 801-355-2705.

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