Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last several months, our website has received a number of inquiries or questions asking to find out more about what we offer as a contract manufacturer and our capabilities. Here are 10 of those questions and their answers to provide more insight as to what we do and offer.

  1. Does Biomerics have a catalog/listing of standard product offerings?

Biomerics does not currently have a catalog or listing of standard products. As a contract manufacturer, Biomerics works with clients that require custom-made products for their individual medical device products/projects. We are one of a handful of fully vertical integrated facilities in the United States, which takes product ideas from the design & concept phase, through development to full production. If you are interested in having your project quoted or need support, please feel free to reach out to our team by emailing us at Sales Team.

  1. Does Biomerics have the capability to make custom balloons?

Biomerics does offer capabilities to make custom balloons. Our facilities allow us to design and develop balloons and balloon catheters for the cardiovascular, GI, radiology and urology markets. Learn More >>

  1. Does Biomerics offer injection molding and extrusion capabilities?

Yes, Biomerics specializes in injection molding and extrusion capabilities. Biomerics Advanced Extrusion is one of our divisions dedicated to servicing customer extrusion needs in a variety of capacities, including multi-lumen, co-extrusions, bump, braided tubing and jacketing. We also have a number of injection molding machines in-house for developing a wide range of parts for leading medical device needs and companies.

  1. Do you sell thru distributors or only direct?

As a contract manufacturer, our business is mostly focused on B2B business opportunities. Many of the products we produce are made to other OEMs or companies that want to develop a product or idea. Those companies could turn around and sell directly to consumers, distributors or another way, we do not, and we do not sell directly to the public.  

  1. What are you extrusion capabilities?

Our extruders are capable of up to 800°-900°F (cast bronze heaters or ceramic). We do not have a need to retrofit our die heaters and assemblies to accommodate higher temperatures (higher watt densities, aluminum heat transfer components, insulation, etc). We highlight that our engineering staff has many years of experience in manufacturing products with high-performance polymers such as PEEK, PEKK, PPSU, Radel, etc.

  1. Are you able to provide samples for your polyurethanes and other medical polymers for preliminary or regular testing?

Samples are available on a case-by-case basis. Many of the materials that we offer have the option to supply samples in minimal quantities while others are available based on current inventory levels. For more information on how to inquire about a sample, please contact Nat Fredin. Learn more >>

  1. Are you looking for distributors in any foreign countries outside of the United States?

We are not looking for specific distributors in countries outside of the U.S. This is done on a case-by-case basis and on a specific need for the medical device or customer we are working with at the time.

  1. Are you a publicly or privately held company?

Biomerics is a privately held company.

  1. What is the relation between the quality engineer (CQE) and assembly of medical devices?

A Quality Engineer supervises the Quality Inspectors who are directly involved with the assembly of medical devices and making sure specifications and requirements are met. The Quality Engineer also handles the investigation of any nonconforming product(s) or customer complaints due to improper assembly.

  1. Are we hiring?

Biomerics always has a number of positions posted on our website on the Careers page. Because we have facilities in 2 states (Utah and Minnesota), job opportunities are posted based on the location of the position. Keep checking back to our site to find a position that may be right for you.

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