At Biomerics, we specialize in and focus on six distinct segments of the medical device and healthcare industries. Our offerings and solutions in the cardiovascular, structural heart, cardiac rhythm management/electrophysiology, neurovascular, vascular access, and pain management markets are unrivaled.

For this post, we’ve chosen to highlight our capabilities and expertise within the neurovascular market.

The human brain consumes about 20% of the body’s oxygen. Due to the brain’s power and energy requirements, issues such as aneurysms, thrombi, arteriovenous malformations, cavernous carotid fistula, and other neurovascular complications can have damaging–-even fatal–-consequences. With the advancements in catheter materials and designs, along with the availability of minimally invasive technologies, patients with neurovascular problems are beginning to experience reduced costs, pain, and recovery time. Our expertise within the micro-catheter and minimally invasive markets allow us to collaborate with customers to develop and produce neurovascular solutions for critical applications.

We specialize in the following neurovascular products and devices:


Micro-catheters are used to access the narrow, microscopic blood vessels within the body. Our advanced catheter division specializes in the development and manufacturing of neurovascular micro-catheters used to locate and treat aneurysms and other cranial blood flow problems. We help our customers design and produce micro-catheters and devices that reach areas of the human body that were previously inaccessible.

Coil Delivery Systems

Once an aneurysm has been identified and accessed, the process of coiling begins. In neurovascular applications, coiling is inserted into the aneurysm to clot it. The aneurysm is coiled in an attempt to prevent it from rupturing or bleeding out. At Biomerics, we will partner with you to design, develop, and produce minimally invasive neurovascular coil delivery systems capable of handling the most demanding coil transmission requirements.

Thrombectomy Catheters

Thrombectomy catheters are used in the surgical removal of a blood clot or thrombus from a blood vessel to restore blood flow and prevent tissue death. We specialize in the design and development of thrombectomy catheters and micro-catheters used within the neurovascular market. We have the expertise and experience necessary to partner with customers to design catheters that enable and optimize flexibility, steerability, and pushability.

Embolization Catheters

Embolization catheters are used to introduce emboli into the body to selectively occlude (i.e. deliberately block) a blood vessel. At Biomerics and Biomerics Advanced Catheter, we specialize in the design, development, and production of embolization catheters for in-procedure use. Our Quadra™ line of biocompatible materials along with our extrusion, injection molding, and other secondary operation capabilities allow us to produce the most unique catheter configurations.

Access Catheters

Access catheters are used to locate and insert another catheter, device, or fluid into the body. Our knowledge and expertise in the cardiovascular, neurovascular, and vascular access markets allows us to partner with customers throughout every stage of the access catheter lifecycle. We can design, extrude, and mold various access catheter configurations and assemblies. We also specialize in the development and production of standard and unique introducers, dilators, delivery systems, and devices used in the venous insertion and access phases of surgical procedures.

To learn more, send us an email (, give us a call (801-355-2705), or visit the Neurovascular section of our website.

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