This week, as we celebrate Independence Day (4th of July) here in the United States, we wanted to discuss the growing globalization of business and how it has affected United States (US) based manufacturing. It seems that every week more and more US companies are transferring segments of their business to countries where they can gain different cost and distribution advantages. As a leading contract manufacturer for the medical device industry, we have seen many of our partners and competitors follow this trend in an attempt to remain profitable. Although outsourcing manufacturing processes may seem attractive to many of the companies and individuals within our industry, we don’t see the appeal.

Born and Grown in the USA.

Encircled by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Biomerics began its life over 20 years ago as Utah Plastics Group (UPG). Established to provide local companies with thermoplastic molding and manufacturing services, UPG quickly developed and grew its presence throughout Utah and the surrounding region. During the mid to late 2000s, UPG began serving the medical market and, after developing its own line of medical materials, changed its name to Biomerics.

The growth didn’t stop there. Shortly after changing its name and focus, Biomerics entered into a joint venture with Hi-Tech Profiles (HTP) of Ashaway, Rhode Island to form HTP-Biomerics Medical—a unique provider of extrusion solutions designed specifically for the medical device industry.

Following the success and growth of HTP-Biomerics Medical, Biomerics established Biosonix—an innovative provider of medical ultrasonic technologies based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded on the principles of honest engineering and forward thinking, Biosonix quickly became a leader in ultrasonic level sensing and air bubble detecting.

In late 2014, Biomerics acquired Access Point Technologies (APT) of Rogers, Minnesota to form Biomerics Advanced Catheter. Aimed at advancing medical devices, Biomerics Advanced Catheter engineers and manufactures the industry’s most innovative smart catheters and minimally invasive delivery systems.

Now Biomerics is a full-service, vertically integrated contract manufacturer based entirely in the US. Within all four of the Biomerics divisions, products are engineered and manufactured on-site, staying true to the “Made in America” attitude of the UPG and Biomerics founders.

Biomerics Made in America

How we do it.

Competitors and customers alike often wonder how we remain competitive without outsourcing. Although there is no panacea, cure-all answer, we’ve found that our success and competitive advantage are attributable to three factors:

Investing in our People. In the medical device industry, there are numerous opportunities for error. The biggest mistakes a company can make are hiring the wrong people or hiring the right people and not giving them the tools to do their job and advance the company. It is from making these mistakes that your chances and opportunities for other mistakes snowball and escalate out of control. Through the technology and regulatory changes we’ve seen throughout our company’s lifetime, the constant we can always count on to adapt and take us to the next level are our employees. At Biomerics, we understand that our employees are the lifeblood of our organization. We know that without dedicated, passionate, hardworking employees, our company cannot grow and continue to produce life-saving devices. For this reason, we relentlessly strive to invest in our employees and provide them with the tools needed to do their job.

Vertical Integration. Through experience we’ve learned that the best way to control a supply chain is to own the supply chain—which is exactly what we do. Customers often approach us with an idea that is little more than a napkin drawing. Our cross-functional engineering team can take the drawing and turn it into a fully manufactureable design. Our in-house chemists and polymer compounding capabilities mean we don’t have to purchase medical grade resin from an outside supplier. Our in-house extrusion and molding teams and capabilities enable us to avoid outside vendors when turning the resin into a component. Our in-house quality engineering team allows us to test and validate any product that we manufacture. Our in-house assembly and pad printing capabilities give us the power to turn all of the printed components into branded, life-saving devices. And our packaging and fulfillment capabilities allow us to deliver the final product to the operating room. Our vertically integrated structure gives us efficiencies and cost saving opportunities that could not be realized using multiple vendors.

Hard Work. During the life of our company, we’ve seen markets rise and fall, technologies change, and competitors fail. We’ve had lean years, we’ve had rich years, and we’ve had all of the years in between. With all we’ve been through and experienced, we’ve managed to come out stronger and more prepared for what lies ahead. When others experience problems and worry about what will come, we put our heads down and we get to work on a solution. While many in our position would look back and say, “Why keep going?” we look forward and say, “Why stop?” because we know that the harder we work, the more likely we are to succeed. If you don’t believe us, look no further than our team of manufacturing engineers who are constantly working to improve process flow and quality while eliminating unnecessary costs. Still not convinced? Tour our facility and see our operators, technicians, and assemblers who work meticulously turning raw materials into life-saving devices. Without hard work, none of the other success factors matter.

Biomerics Made in America

Why we do it.

More important than the “how we do it” is the “why we do it.” With the chatter that we hear about outsourcing and rising costs, we are constantly asked why we keep our engineering and manufacturing within the US. The answer is simple: We take pride in what we do. At Biomerics, we’re proud of the fact that our company creates jobs in multiple states throughout the US. We’re proud that our company contributes to the growth of both the local and national economy. We’re proud of our employees who, at the end of every day, can take pride in the fact that they helped create products that save the lives of people around the world.

At Biomerics, we know that our decisions have an effect on much more than our company and our employees. We know that the choices we make and the pathways we choose will influence the communities where our manufacturing facilities reside and the lives of many people directly and indirectly associated with us.

So, although you will find the products we engineer and manufacture saving lives in countries all over the world, we’re proud of the fact that anything that bears the Biomerics name is made in the USA.

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