Braided Tubing

We provide industry leading medical device companies with braided and coiled catheter and delivery device shaft solutions. We lead the industry with our braiding technologies, co-extrusion, and reflow processes.

Our braiding capabilities range from .75 French (Fr) Outside Diameter (OD) to 32Fr, with wall thickness as low as 0.005”. Our braiding processes include vertical reel-to-reel continuous braiding and precision horizontal mandrel braiding. We can braid a wide range of material reinforcements including stainless steel, nitinol, monofilament nylon, Kevlar, and other specialty polymers. Biomerics has the ability to vary the braid pattern, pick count, and wire shape (flat, round, ribbon, etc.) across the length of a shaft. In addition to braiding, we also offer coiling and braid-coil combinations.

Our in-house engineering and design solutions allow us to turn reinforced shaft and sheath prototypes efficiently.

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