Drainage Catheters

Drainage catheters are used in the removal and treatment of fluid build-up throughout the human body. These catheters can be placed in multiple locations, and are used in the extraction of fluids from abscesses, cysts, pseudocysts, pneumothoraces, hematomas, bilomas, and urinomas. Drainage catheters typically include:

  • Percutaneous Drainage Catheters (Pigtail)
  • Jackson-Pratt Type Drain (Constant Suction – Post Surgical Bulb)
  • T-Tube (Biliary Drainage – Paced and Removed in Operating Room)
  • Blake Drain (Capillary Action)
  • Thoracic Catheters – Chest Tubes
  • Nasogastric Suction Tubes
  • Penrose Drain (Simple Open Tube – Superficial)
  • Sump Drain

Our implantable materials are engineered to meet the demanding chemical resistance, biocompatibility, and biostability requirements of drainage catheters. We have the ability to extrude, injection mold, tip, and hole punch various drainage catheter configurations.

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