Fluid Management Systems

Fluid management systems allow for the safe control of contrast, saleen, blood, and other liquids entering and leaving the body during a procedure.

At Biomerics, we understand the criticality of high quality fluid management systems, which is why we offer a full line of materials and tubing technologies for the most demanding and unique applications. Our materials, extrusions, and tubing are used in a variety of diagnostic, access, and interventional fluid management operations including:

  • Contrast Injection
  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Interventional Cardiology Procedures
  • Radiology Procedures
  • Fluid Administration
  • Vascular Access Procedures
  • Inflation Tubing
  • Waste Management
  • Vacuum Procedures
  • Stent Placement Devices

Our Prolix™ line of medical fluid management tubing is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of procedural applications. Our high pressure, low pressure, and pressure monitoring tubing is available in various sizes, materials, and reinforcements. We manufacture a wide range of custom fluid management tube sets via over molding, solvent bonding, and assembly operations, including:

  • Fluid Administration Sets
  • Contrast Injection Sets
  • Contract Transfer Solutions
  • Tube Extensions
  • Pressure Monitoring Sets
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