Imaging and Diagnostic Catheters

Imaging and diagnostic catheters are used to investigate and evaluate patients with suspected or known cardiovascular diseases. Imaging and diagnostic catheters include products such as:

  • Angiography Catheters
  • MRI Guided Catheters
  • Intravascular Ultrasonic Catheters (IVUS)
  • EP Mapping Devices
  • Cardiac Output Catheters
  • Pressure Monitoring Catheters
  • Flow Monitoring Catheters
  • Oximetry Catheters
  • Temperature Monitoring Catheters
  • Critical Care Monitoring Systems

Our advanced catheter division specializes in the design and development of angiography and other diagnostic catheters and delivery systems. Using our expertise in advanced catheter construction and material science, we are capable of integrating sensing technology into the most unique and specialized catheters.

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