Hemocompatible Coatings

Hemocompatible coatings are uniquely formulated to meet the exacting requirements of both devices and customers. We offer both active and passive coatings that can be customized to fulfill your specific blood compatibility and durability requirements. Biomerics’ hydrophillic polymers are used in a number of blood contact applications. Depending on the material makeup and function of the device, benefits of hemocompatible coatings may include:

  • Minimization of Clot Formation
  • No Cosmetic Changing of the Device
  • Insignificant Dimensional Change to Substrate
  • The Addition of Other Coating Characteristics, such as Infection Resistance and Lubricity

Our R&D team partners with customers to develop, produce, and validate custom hemocompatible coatings on a program by program basis. We have the ability to complete efficacy testing, process validation, and regulatory support for these demanding applications.

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