Custom Compounds

In many situations, biomedical engineers discover they do not have the required material building blocks to develop innovative proprietary devices. Additionally, they find that the large plastics and chemical conglomerates are either not willing or not able to produce medical grade or continuously obsolete materials, restrict the use of materials, and/or do not understand the regulatory and quality requirements of the medical industry.

At Biomerics we have built our business around providing solutions for these unmet polymer needs. We specialize in the development of custom urethanes and engineered polymeric materials used in the medical market. Our business model, production processes, regulatory services, and development capabilities enable us to build custom tailored polymers for our customers. Our polymer chemists participate as trusted partners on our customers’ device development teams to develop and validate the medical grade polymer for device itself. We have a detailed understanding of FDA, ISO 10993, and USP Class VI biocompatibility requirements.

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