At Biomerics, we have decades of experience with thermoplastic materials used in a wide variety of applications. Our customized polymer solutions meet the biocompatibility, biostabilitiy, durability, and processing stability requirements of the most demanding catheters and medical devices.

Our polymerization capabilities include everything from polyurethane synthesis to custom polymer coating technologies. We offer a range of thermoplastic polyurethane products including both aromatic and aliphatic chemistries, as well as a full catalog of polyol soft segments. The Quadra™ family of proprietary medical materials can be used in disposable, short-term, and long-term medical device applications.

Biomerics’ polymerization capabilities Include:

  • Raw Materials Analysis (Moisture Analysis, Reactive Titration, etc.)
  • Bench Level Synthesis
  • Separations (Dialysis, Stripping, Ion-exchange Columns, Size Exclusion Columns, etc.)
  • Controlled Environment Large Scale Production
  • Controlled Mixing & Feeding of Liquids & Powders

Through our world-class chemistry labs and PhD scientists, we have the capability to develop, formulate, and produce polymer solutions in-house.

Common applications for our medical grade polymers include:

  • Medical Thermoplastic Extrusions
  • Injection Molding Grade Materials
  • Lubricious Coatings
  • Antimicrobial Coatings
  • Hemocompatible Materials & Coatings
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