Cardiac Rhythm Management

At Biomerics, we specialize in and focus on six distinct segments of the medical device and healthcare industries. Our offerings and solutions in the cardiovascular, structural heart, cardiac rhythm management/electrophysiology, neurovascular, vascular access, and pain management markets are unrivaled.

For this post, we’ve chosen to highlight our capabilities and expertise within the cardiac rhythm management/electrophysiology (CRM/EP) market.

Used in the pumping of blood throughout the circulatory system, the heart is the center of the human body. Although fragile, the heart plays an essential role in providing the body with nutrients and oxygen. Groundbreaking advances within the biotech and medical device communities have enabled patients with cardiovascular diseases and problems to live longer, healthier lives. At Biomerics, we understand the importance of the heart and the devices used to keep it working—which is why we partner with our customers in the electrophysiology and cardiac rhythm management markets to design, develop, and produce innovative, biocompatible, and implantable devices that keep the heart beating and regulated.

At Biomerics, we focus on providing customers with the following neurovascular solutions:

Pacing Leads

Pacing leads are used to transmit electrical stimulation signals from the pacemaker to the heart itself. These leads and their ability to transfer electrical signals to the heart are crucial to the success of any pacemaker device or operation. Our Quadrathane™ and Quadrasil™ line of medical urethanes exceed the demanding biocompatibility, biostability, and electrical requirements of long-term implantable pacing leads.

Mapping Catheters

Mapping catheters help physicians discover and evaluate the electroanatomic layout of the heart and surrounding area. Biomerics Advanced Catheter specializes in the design, development, and production of both unique and standard electrophysiology mapping catheters.

Ablation Catheters

Ablation is a procedure in which defective electrical pathways within the heart are removed or eliminated. At Biomerics and Biomerics Advanced Catheter, we’ve built a market out of the development and manufacturing of catheters used in cardiac ablation. Through our engineering expertise and material science knowledge, we partner with customers to design and produce femoral, transseptal, jugular, and subclavian catheters that ablate and destroy arrhythmia-causing tissue.

Placement Devices

We will partner with you to develop and manufacture robot assisted, biventricular, and ICD lead placement devices. Our extensive micro-catheter, material science, and engineering experience enables us to provide you with unparalleled placement device offerings.

To learn more, send us an email (, give us a call (801-355-2705), or visit the CRM/EP section of our website.

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