Biomerics NLE specializes in the laser welding of metal components, including Stainless Steel, Nitinol, Platinum, Platinum/Iridium, Elgiloy, and other high-quality metals.

Our laser engineers have years of expertise, key industry patents, knowledge, and skills to ensure that your product follows through with quick and efficient lead times. We have dedicated R&D equipment to prototype and develop products for further trialing and testing. This equipment allows us to work with a variety of materials, sizes, thicknesses and precision control of depth of penetration.

Typical welded wires includes:
  • Pull wires
  • Catheter components
  • Cannula components
  • Flat stock
  • Dissimilar materials
  • Nitinol components
  • Screw components
  • Electrodes
  • Wire (Cable, DFT)

Talk to our professional team to discuss your needs and project requirements to ensure compliance and regulatory obligations with your medical device.

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