For our second week of materials month, we’ve chosen to highlight our most popular family of long-term implantable thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs); Quadrathane™.

What is Quadrathane™?

Quadrathane™ is a line of implantable polycarbonate-based medical grade TPUs. Found in long-term devices throughout the healthcare industry, Quadrathane™ TPUs are available in both aromatic and aliphatic hard segments.

“Quadrathane™ provides the medical device industry with a line of TPUs that meet the demands of today’s long-term implantable devices,” explained Sriram Venkataramani, Senior Polymer R&D Scientist at Biomerics. “Companies that use Quadrathane™ take comfort in the fact that their devices are made out of a material that can withstand the rigors of long-term implantation.”


What makes Quadrathane™ unique?

Quadrathane™ TPUs are unique for a number of reasons, however, in this blog post we’ll be focusing on the characteristics that our customers find most impactful.

One of the biggest reasons Quadrathane™ TPUs are so unique when compared with other TPUs is the fact that they exhibit the mechanical properties, chemical resistance makeup, oxidative stability, and biocompatibility ratings necessary to meet and/or exceed the demanding requirements of the long-term implantable medical device industry.

Another reason Quadrathane™ TPUs are so unique is that, similar to Quadraflex™ TPUs, both the aromatic and aliphatic grades of Quadrathane™ TPUs are available in a wide range of shore hardness. The result of this is twofold:

  • Offering a wide range of shore hardness allows us to provide materials that meet the needs of many different markets.
  • Offering a wide range of shore hardness makes it easier for R&D teams and manufacturers who currently use and prefer Quadrathane™ TPUs to select materials for new devices as they don’t have to look elsewhere to find an equivalent TPU in a different shore.

Finally, according to Sriram, “The biggest thing that sets Quadrathane™ apart from similar TPUs is its chemical design. Unlike other TPUs, Quadrathane™ is formulated using polycarbonate polyols. The polycarbonate polyols boosts the chemical resistance, oxidative resistance, and biostability of the TPU, making it ideal for long-term use.”


What applications can Quadrathane™ be found in?

“Quadrathane™ is used in a variety of applications. However, due to its outstanding chemical makeup, Quadrathane™ is mainly found in long-term devices,” explained Mike Anderson, Director of Sales & Marketing at Biomerics. “Chronic vascular and intravenous devices, orthopedics, cardiac rhythm management devices, and other long-term implantable devices are ideal for the Quadrathane™ line of TPUs.”

Want to learn more about the Quadrathane™ line of TPUs?

For more information, give us a call (1-801-355-2705), send us an email (csr@biomerics.com), or visit the Quadrathane™ section of our website where you can download product data sheets, material safety data sheets, biocompatibility guides, and our Quadra™ Family Product Guide.

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