At Biomerics, we continually search for ways to partner with and add value for customers, be it design services and/or manufacture of components and devices. Over time, we’ve developed many unique offerings by applying the latest technologies to the markets we serve. This strategic mission continues as we perfect our ultra-fast femtosecond laser processing capabilities in the areas of cutting, marking and micromachining.

Let’s pull the curtain back just a bit more to learn about what femtosecond laser processing is and does. Femtosecond laser processing refers to the time duration of each individual laser pulse in a string of pulses. Femtosecond laser pulses are orders of magnitude shorter than the pulse duration of nanosecond pulsed lasers commonly used in laser processing. The ultra-short pulse duration limits the heat transfer into the material adjacent to where the laser is cutting, ablating or marking. The reduced heat transfer allows for more intricate features and much less edge disruption, discoloration and heat affected zone. The high per pulse energy associated with ultra-fast processing also helps the laser couple into materials that are not normally candidates for laser processing. Tube cutting, flat cutting, micro-machining, laser ablation, and laser marking are just a few areas where femtosecond laser processing can be most beneficial.

This technology allows us to excel with new and challenging applications and materials related to interventional products as well. Biomerics can manufacture small diameter delicate tubular products (both plastic and metal) with intricately cut features not possible by other means. Sharp custom needles and custom designed flex tubes are examples. Precise perforations measured in microns in composite catheters are yet another example showing the micromachining scale and material flexibility of femtosecond processing. Dark surface markings on corrosion sensitive stainless steels, aluminum, and anodized aluminum are routinely achievable. The applications are constantly expanding!

Femtosecond processing is an extension of the broad metals and laser processing capabilities offered by Biomerics NLE.

Our “Center of Excellence” capabilities include the following on a broad range of materials:

  • Laser Marking – Fiber, YAG, CO2, UV, Femto
  • Laser Welding – Pulsed, CW
  • Laser Cutting- tubing, flat, Femto
  • Swiss Machining with Integrated Laser Cutting
  • Electropolishing & Passivation
  • Electrolytic Cutting
  • Forming, Flaring and Assembly
  • Wire processing

We use the following materials:

  • Clear Anodized Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nitinol
  • Sheet Stock and more…

**Want to know more about our Laser processing operations or services, send us an email and we’ll get in touch with you about all of the laser processing options available to you.

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